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Report of the APEC Vision Group People and Prosperity: An APEC Vision to 2040

People and Prosperity: An APEC Vision to 2040 

People and Prosperity: An APEC Vision to 2040 Three decades on from its inception and approaching the 2020 target for achieving the Bogor Goals of free and open trade and investment, APEC finds itself at a pivotal juncture. In this report, the APEC Vision Group makes the case for a revitalised vision for APEC through to 2040, when it will have celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. This vision builds on APEC’s unique collaborative and non-binding ethos and the forum’s contribution to the region’s remarkable economic success. It also addresses new, pressing challenges and opportunities. Our post-2020 vision for APEC is accordingly encapsulated in the following statement that leaders could endorse:

We are united in our overarching commitment to building a peaceful and interconnected Asia-Pacific community for the prosperity and welfare of all our people.

To achieve this end, we will continue to pursue free and open trade and investment and deeper regional economic integration, while promoting people-centred economic growth that is innovative, inclusive, sustainable, balanced, secure and resilient.

In support of this vision, we will pursue good economic governance, including by stepping up structural reform and investment in necessary infrastructure and improved connectivity, accompanied by people-oriented positive adjustment policies.

In this era of rapid technological change, we will create an open, marketoriented enabling environment for both people and business to benefit from the digital transformation.

Through these steps, we are determined to ensure that the Asia-Pacific remains the world’s most dynamic and innovative region, with APEC as the premier forum for regional economic cooperation.